Next Scheduled Matches:
IPSC, Shotgun and Speeding Zone II Matches
Are going dark until October.

PS West Coast Steel, Cowboy and Love That Steel Matches
Are going dark until September.

Check the Calendar Of Events to see a list of all matches for 2015.

2015 Membership:
2015 cards and keys have been mailed out.
IMPORTANT: Please read the enclosed instructions before heading to the range!

Please do not attempt to use the old access road belonging to the landscape company for any reason. We no longer have permission to use it. A map to the new access road will be included with your membership card and key which will be mailed to you prior to re-opening.

For EXISTING CLUB MEMBERS click this link for the 2015 Renewal FormPlease note that the Range Rules Test is not required this year.

For NEW MEMBERS wanting to join the club click here for instructions.