Stock Gun, Speeding Zone II, Intro, IPSC, Shotgun PS West Coast Steel and Love That Steel Matches are going dark until September.
Please check the Calendar Of Events to see a list of all matches.

Please be aware that on Match Days, the gate will remain closed as the road is not on PSGC property. If you have non-members attending the match, please meet them at the gate to let them in and make sure you're with them to let them out at the end of the match.

We are pleased to report that the permitting process for the new range project is going well.
The majority of line items in our 15 page conditions letter from the Land Development Committee Pre-Application Review meeting have been addressed. Most importantly, we have been able to find solutions to several potentially insurmountable issues.

We are now scheduling our pre-submittal meeting for the Conditional Use Permit and the General Plan Amendment.

We are thankful for the support, cooperation and assistance of the following individuals, agencies and departments: Our County Supervisor and his District 4 office staff, our Civil Engineer, our Real Estate Attorney, the Seller of the property, the Riverside County departments and staff of Planning, Building and Safety, Grading Division, Transportation, Environmental Health, Fire, Paleo, Cultural, Geological, Biological, Environmental Programs, Flood Control and others.

PSGC Members, your continuing support and patience during this project is appreciated!

Please click here to view the PDF.