PSGC Range Rules & Waiver

All Members, Guests, Agencies and Spectators are Subject to Range Rules & Waiver while on PSGC Range Property. All Federal, State, and Local firearms laws must be complied with.

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Failure to comply with the following may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, result in removal from the range, revocation of membership or other remedies available to the PSGC.

  1. Lock the range entry gate upon your arrival and departure except during a scheduled match.
  2. This is a “COLD RANGE”. This means all firearms are to be unloaded except in the bays while shooting.
  3. No handling of uncased firearms anywhere other than a Safety Area or in a shooting bay facing downrange.
  4. Handling of ammunition is prohibited in Safety Areas.
  5. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for every person at all times while on range property.
  6. Shotguns and rifles must be carried cased or muzzle up/muzzle down with action open.
  7. The range is closed for general use during a match and spectators are welcome.
  8. The day prior to a match is used for set up. Members are permitted to use the range but are not permitted to utilize any targets or props placed in the bays intended for match use.
  9. When police agencies are present, locate their Range Master, present your PSGC ID and ask where you may shoot.
  10. Centerfire rifles are allowed on the rifle range and designated pistol bays only except during a match.
  11. Comply with the posted Safety Notices for use of the reactive steel plate racks. The use of shotgun slugs and rifle rounds on the plate machines is prohibited.
  12. The use of Tracer, Incendiary, Armor Piercing or Steel Core ammunition is prohibited.
  13. While using a bay keep all firearms pointed within 90 degrees either side of downrange. On the rifle range keep muzzle within 45 degrees of downrange.
  14. Handgun use is prohibited on the rifle range.
  15. Help keep the range clean. Pick up your brass and shotgun hulls before you leave. Put your trash in the trash barrels.
  16. Replace any tables or benches that you have moved to their original location up range under the shade structures.
  17. The use of non-standard targets is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, exploding targets, tannerite, bottles, cans, canisters, rocks, glass, appliances, tvs, ground based kinetic targets, etc. Do not leave anything on the range that you brought onto the property.
  18. Destruction of any PSGC range property including, but not limited to, benches, tables, targets, structures, bins, etc., is prohibited.
  19. On the rifle range, set your target height so that the bullet impact is 200 yards or more. On the pistol bays, set your targets accordingly so that no projectile or shot will leave the range. Do not shoot over any berms.
  20. When multiple users are on the rifle range, coordinate line breaks among yourselves. Request a Cease Fire, at which time all shooters will leave firearms unloaded with actions open and step away from the benches. Once all shooters are away from the benches, call Range is Clear. Do not approach the benches or handle any firearms during this period. At this time shooters may proceed down range. Once finished downrange and it is confirmed everyone has returned from down range, call Range is Hot. Shooters may then proceed back to their shooting bench and resume shooting.
  21. Stay off the dirt berms at all times.
  22. Do not disturb any wildlife on the range property.
  23. Any person thought to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the range. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on PSGC property.
  24. Rude, threatening or unsportsmanlike behavior is prohibited.
  25. Members must have their Membership Card displayed while on PSGC property. Present your PSGC Member ID upon request by a PSGC Range Safety Officer.
  26. If asked to leave the range by an authorized Range Safety Officer, Match Director or Board Member for a rules and/or safety violation, do so immediately. Subsequently, you may contact a Board Member and request a Board Review of the event if you are in disagreement of the range official’s decision.
  27. Range key is to be kept in the possession of the Member. It is prohibited to loan the range key to a non-member.
  28. A Member is entitled to bring two (2) Guests to the range at any one time. A Release/Waiver form must be signed by each guest and deposited in the designated box located at the clubhouse prior to shooting. A member is limited to bringing 12 guests per year and no more than 3 visits of the same Guest.
  29. If you have any questions regarding the Range Rules & Waiver, please contact (760) 578-3358.
  30. All Guests must fill out and sign this waiver before shooting at PSGC.

I understand that compliance with the rules is a condition of membership, and that failure to comply may result in revocation of membership. (PSGCRR-2013a).