Scheduled Matches

Most matches (but not all) start at 9am during the months of October - April. To avoid the summer heat, most matches start at 8am during the months of May - September. See the appropriate match descriptions for actual starting times. Arrive early to get registered, prepare equipment and attend the shooter's meeting.

To download match score sheets and sign-in sheets, please click here.

PSGC holds the following regularly scheduled events:

Cowboy Action Shooting

Second Saturday of every month
Match Directors: John Webster

Shooters utilize replica weapons (rifle, shotgun and handgun), while dressed in period costumes from late 1800’s. Call Deacon Dick for information regarding permitted ammunition loads and weapons.

Shooter's meeting: 7:30am
Match start: 8:00am all-year round.
Match is usually finished by Noon.

Match entry fee: Juniors: $5.00, Members: $10.00, All Others: $20.00.

Introductory Match

Fifth Sunday of the month (only in months with 5 Sundays)
Match Directors: Tom Montoya

An opportunity for those who have thought about coming out to shoot in a pistol match, but haven't done so yet.

The Introductory Match is sort of a "mini-match" for the pistol shooter who may feel not quite ready to participate in one of our regular matches. If you might be a beginner at pistol competition, we invite you to join us for this event.

Spectators are welcome, so bring the family & friends to cheer you on. Hearing and eye protection is required for all spectators and shooters while at the range.

The focus of this event will be on range safety, match etiquette, safe gun handling, rules of USPSA competition, more safe gun handling, and lots of fun. National Range Officer Institute certified Range Officers will guide each squad and direct each shooter through every stage.

Participants will shoot a variety of targets so as to experience the flavor of the different types of pistol matches held monthly at Palm Springs Gun Club.

Shooter's meeting: 8:30am
Match start: 9:00am all-year round.
Match is usually finished by Noon.

Match entry fee: $5.00 for first time and junior shooters and $10.00 for everyone else.

You will need to bring the following:
• 125 rounds of ammunition
• A reliable handgun and holster
• Hearing and eye protection

Holsters must be worn on a belt at the waist, on the strong side. Shoulder holsters and cross-draw holsters are not allowed. Speedloaders or extra magazines and belt pouches to hold them will be most helpful.


First Sunday of every month
Match Directors: Paul Crawford

The PSGC USPSA match is a USPSA sanctioned match consisting of Handgun and PCC shooting at a variety of targets, minimum .38 caliber (9mm). Field courses feature running & gunning, shooting around barricades, shooting at moving targets, shooting from multiple shooting areas and positions at paper and steel targets, and a USPSA Classifier stage. This is not a match for the first time competitive shooter. We recommend you put in the proper range time, and compete in our Intro, Steel Challenge, or Stock Gun matches prior to participating in this match. Additionally, it is very important that you know the rules and scoring for this match. Please click on the USPSA Rules link below and fully understand chapters 8 and 9 prior to competing. We welcome newcomers to the sport, however competing safely in this match requires proper gun handling skills, knowledge of the rules and scoring according to the USPSA. This is a FUN match when you are ready! Please click on each link below under Important Resources. Important match information and updates can be found on our Facebook page:
Match Regtistration:

Registration starts at: 8:00am
Match start: 9:00am all-year round.
Match is usually finished by Noon.

Match entry fee: Juniors: $5.00, Members: $10.00, All Others: $20.00 Additional Classifier: $5

Important Resources:

Love That Steel

Fourth Saturday of every month
Match Director: Bryan Wong

A pistol match shooting at steel targets. Since the steel targets are generally smaller than paper targets, accuracy is a must. Of course, time is of the essence. This match will help you find your own personal level where speed and accuracy meet.

Shooter's meeting: 7:30 A.M. - All-year round.
Match start: 8:00 A.M. - All-year round.
Match is usually finished by Noon.

Match entry fee: Juniors: $5.00 Members: $10.00 All Others: $20.00

Stock Gun Match

First Saturday of every month
Match Director: Paul Crawford

A revolver-friendly stock handgun match, designed for the person who wants to practice with a self-defense handgun. Modified guns and speed holsters are not allowed. Blow the cobwebs off that .38 that lives in the bedside table and bring it out to the range.

Shooter's meeting: 7:30am - May through September then 8:30am - October through April
Match start: 8:00am - May through September then 9:00am - October through April
Match is usually finished by Noon.

Match entry fee: Juniors: $5.00, Members: $10.00, All Others: $20.00

Steel Challenge

Fourth Sunday of every month, September through May
Match Directors: Frank Reyes

Please click here for registration.

Starting Sept 24th Palm Springs Gun Club will be hosting a monthly Steel Challenge match. All 8 stages will be setup for the match. This a Steel Challenge Shooting Association sanctioned, so your scores will be posted to the webpage for classification if you are a USPSA member.

This match can be shot using the following firearms. Rimfire rifle, pistol, revolver or with center fire pistol, revolver or PCC (NO CENTER FIRE RIFLES WILL BE ALLOWED, DUE TO TARGET DAMAGE). Use with or without red dot optic sights. Minimum round count will be 195 shots so bring plenty of extra ammo, 350 should be plenty.

Signup: 7am to 7:45am. A mandatory safety brief will be held prior to the match.

Match start: 8:00am for all entries.

Match entry fee: $15 for club members and juniors, $25 for all others. As a "Thank You" for serving our country, all Active Duty, Reserve Forces and Retired Military members shoot for free for their first match! ID required.
Match is usually finished by Noon.

Additional Match Information

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